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Hi, I am Barbara Scheggia, owner of Keep in Touch Italy.

I was born and raised in Montegranaro, in Marche region, and after the degree in Economics at Ancona University, I was lucky enough to improve my technical and lingustic skills first in London, then in Paris.

I’ve been working in the world of fashion and footwear in particular for long time. Everything I know was first taught me by my father Bruno Scheggia, prematurely died in 2011. He devoted  his whole life to work, to footwears in particular, and gave me the opportunity to grow up professionally and humanly beside him, transmitting me not only his “know-how” but also his grit and determination.

I decided to develop my idea Keep in Touch Italy because the skills I have developed into real life experiences even before work, allow me to effectively help those who have a fashion idea to transform it in the best of the possible realities.

I firmly believe in  teamwork and I havec hosen, to join my team and to support me, motivated people who gained experience in other areas too. Fashion is not something static, fashion is a way of being that draws inspiration  from the countless shades of the world we live.


UX Research

Our main goal first is to understand  the demands of every customer in order to define a strategy wich lead to a rapid and successfull solution.

Brand Identity

Getting inside the mind of the customer, collecting informations also to visual level, conceiving together the logo and the right naming, defining communication strategies.

Web Development

To be known today is a must.
We find effective personalized web marketing solutions using all the available social media.

Business Strategy

Research is fundamental to enforce every new project. We study the product, we help you to plan a marketing strategy and to organize distribution.

Web Design

Graphic choices are very important to give credibility and to communicate effectively.  Not only that! We design and update your web site  to give visibility and credibility.


A beautiful image is able to spread any message in a few seconds. But photographing a shoe or a bag is not so easy as it might seem. Tell your story with us.

our team

Barbara Scheggia

Barbara Scheggia

Creative Director

Simona Scheggia

Simona Scheggia


Erika Oltsvari

Erika Oltsvari

Russian Interpreter

Cosimo Azzarone

Cosimo Azzarone

Web&Visual Media


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