Traditional exibhitions for fashion industry are no longer as incisive as they use to be. Today we have a great help from digital technology and we are able to reach so many potential customers with the minimum investment.

The most recent studies are showing that traditional fashion fairs are no longer as effective as they used to be: we have to bear very high costs with no certainty about the result. Producers have to fight with many other competitors and buyers have budgets increasingly limited and have to concentrate their purchases in a very small period of time, not being able to evaluate every aspect.  We have a great help from digital technology today, and we are able to reach  many potential customers with a minimum investment.

Shoes and bags are very special products: they have to be touched, worn, caressed. The smell of leather and of the hide must conquer us as well as the style and the comfort: a shoe can be beautiful ahestetically but very uncomfortable and realized with cheap and poor materials that in a photo seem exceptional.

We at Keep in Touch Italy have decided to use typical web marketing tools to promote 100% Made in Italy products from many small companies in the area in order to organize personalized incomings addressed to buyers, with costs that are more than sustainable for all stakeholders



Our idea is to bring here in Marche all those buyers interested in getting to know new producers and new non- mass products, offering a few nights in a hotel and their meals in one of the best restaurants in the area. In a very short time, real open days will be organized both in our showroom and in the various manufacturing companies, discovering our artisanal methods and tasting our traditional cuisine

Further more you have the opportunity to create with us your ideal shoe: by collecting the requests of your customers, you can  transmit us concretely what is right for your needs and together we can realize the perfect product, even using your own brand.

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